2018 - current

Conversational Form is an open-source tool from SPACE10 that enables people to turn information into conversations. I have managed the project since early 2018 and I have released 6 minor and 1 major version. The latest being v1.0 that was released in August of 2019.

The project has more than 3,200 stars on GitHub and have recieved positive feedback on ProductHunt.

My role:

  • Maintain codebase (Typescript, SASS, HTML, Jasmine)
  • Respond to GitHub issues and manage Pull Requests from the community
  • suggest, develop, test and document new features
  • Publish new releases on GitHub and NPM

Client: SPACE10 - IKEA supported research and design lab.

February - May 2019

I created the first fully functional beta version of flatmountains.com, an audio driver activity app in React Native (Redux, Redux Persist). I automated the build flow around Bitrise.io to allow for fast and painless beta release to all testers. Error logging and reporting were implemented using Bugsnag.

The backend was built around Node.js, Fastify, MongoDB, Mongoose, Redis, Passport, OAuth and Rollbar for error logging and monitoring.


January - February 2019

outofoffice.getroom.com is an editorial exploration of the many ways offices can, and indeed are, working to improve life around the clock.

I collaborated with a designer and executed the project in 5 weeks. It includes customized modular editing experience using Gutenberg and ACF.

The theme is build on Sage9 with an adapted Webpack configuration to accommodate the use of React.

Client: ROOM

March - May 2019

Corporate website and product presentation for Chinese Energy company uzenergy.com.

My role

  • Responsible for backend development
  • Support frontend developer
  • Build code foundation with Sage9
  • Develop modular architecture using Advanced Custom Fields
  • Setup and optimize hosting with Chinese hosting provider

February - July 2018

Helloscience.io is a collaboration platform where big and small ideas to solve global challenges (SDG's) can emerge. The collaboration is powered by the bright, creative minds of scientist and entrepreneurs from the field of biotech. My role was Lead Full Stack developer and technical architect.

Technologies: Node.js, Next.js, React, Passport.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Redis, WordPress (headless CMS)

Client: Novozymes

March - June 2017

SPACE10.io - WordPress website utilizing modular editor interface built around Advanced Custom Fields.

Role: Lead frontend and backend developer.

Client: SPACE10 - IKEA supported research and design lab.